Production & Quality Control

Production Process

Product categories are now:

1. Hongyu medical product category covers plastic surgery instruments, ophthalmic surgical instruments, microsurgical instruments, neurosurgery instruments operating room, etc.

2. The company attaches great importance to the work of new product development, and develop a sound new product development work plan, and strive to achieve the production and operation of the first generation of products at the same time, and actively develop the second generation, research the third generation, the idea of the fourth generation, to ensure that there is a continuous new product market, so that enterprises in the entire production and operation process to maintain a strong vitality, and constantly seek development.

The good quality of the product is reflected in:

Production technology, from machining, injection molding, stamping, sheet metal, welding to assembly, testing, have a perfect set of process. With domestic first-class numerical control equipment, injection molding equipment and testing equipment, with strong processing and manufacturing capabilities.

Quality Testing

The company's quality inspection department is responsible for the entire factory staff "quality is life" publicity and education, supervision and inspection of quality standards, product quality spot checks, establish and improve all kinds of assessment, statistics, analysis work.

Strict implementation of the "self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection" system, to deal with the quality problems in the production process, the second product must be registered by the quality inspector signed before the workshop, to prevent waste into the next process. Waste should be carried out to assist the workshop to clear the cause, take improvement measures, do a good job of accident registration, treatment, analysis.

Regular analysis and research, to solve the quality of the process, grasp the implementation of the work, to ensure that the company's products into the market is 100% qualified.


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