The main classification of surgical scissors

The main classification of surgical scissors

Usually the surgical scissors could be devied into many categories according to different classification methods.

surgical scissorsLike the use for the parts of body,it includes microsurgical sicssors,ophthalmic scissors,tissue scissors,suturing scissors,and so on.

In the way of appereance,the surgery scissors also could be designed straight or curved,with pointed or round head.

For example:

(1) Tissue scissors: most of them are curved scissors, which are divided into two types: pointed and round heads. They are used for dissection and cut tissue. When holding curved scissors, the curvature should be inward. See the correct method of holding scissors.

(2) Thread-cutting scissors/Suturing scissors: mostly blunt-ended straight scissors, after tying the knot, the length of the cut should be appropriate. Generally, the silk thread head is 1~2mm, the gut thread head is 3~4mm, and the skin thread head is 1cm. Deep and thick thread knots or important blood vessel ligation heads should be long, and shallow or thin thread heads should be short.

Besides that,Hongyu Medical has also developed excellent surgical sicssors with handls in gold,black or nature as the follow picture

Gold handle surgical scissors


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